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Basic Hotel Innsbruck***


Basic Hotel Innsbruck***


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Our team at the front desk welcome you from 7 am till 9 pm. Outside opening hours, you can access your room by using your credit card at the Check-in-point. Breakfast variations, small snacks and freshly baked bread are served in the on-site bistro. See you soon… The Basic Hotel Team
in the historic city centre. Not only business life of the city takes place in close neighbourhood, also cultural life pulsates all around: Golden Roof, Theatres, University, Hospital and the exclusive shopping areas are within walking distance. The hotel offers all facilities for a perfect stay and more: modern guest rooms, public underground car parks nearby, 24h check-in-possiblity. The in-house bistro offers breakfast and small dishes à la carte. (direct payment) Book Now

Our „check-in“ Terminal is from 9 pm till 7 am at your disposal. If it will be really late in the night you can check-in or book a room at our “hotelomat” at the entrance. It‘s that easy:

  • Choose a room
  • Insert your credit card
  • You will get immediately a Key card for the main door and the room as well you will get printed out a bill

If you have a booking with a late arrival please just enter your reservation number or your last name and you will get a key card (valid for the main door and the room)


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